What I Have Learned From Screwing Up | A Talk By Laura Barisonzi – Sports & Fitness Photographer

Laura Barisonzi is a sports and fitness photographer whose images combine high-energy visuals with natural beauty and genuine emotion. Barisonzi explains, “I’m a nerd for lighting and cameras and am constantly testing and coming up with new approaches.” Her commercial clients include Adidas, Bud Light, Canon, Cartier, Dove, Gap, Google and Heineken; her editorial clients include The Guardian, Health, Hemispheres, Muscle & Fitness, The Nature Conservancy, Newsweek, Outside, Popular Photography, Rolling Stone, Runner’s World, Sierra, Surfer, Technology Review, Women’s Health, Worth and Yoga Journal. Speaker Statement: Hi, I’m Laura Barisonzi, a New York photographer and director who strives to capture

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