From Crimson Red Blooms To Festive Greenery: Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas

From Crimson Red Blooms To Festive Greenery: Gorgeous Winter Wedding Bouquets Ideas

No matter what time of year you’re tying the knot, carrying a beautiful bundle of flowers down the aisle is a must. Even if they’re not technically in season at the time of your wedding, you can (and should!) have a bouquet of your favorite blooms on your wedding day. And if you want those pretty flowers to reflect your wedding season, then you’re in luck because some of the most breathtaking color combinations are perfect for a winter wedding.

When thinking of seasonal arrangements, start with the colors that feel most reminiscent of the time of year. For the colder months, we love deep burgundy, crisp emerald green, snowy white, and classic blue. Select a bouquet that features a combination of these colors for a winter-inspired look that won’t read like holiday décor. Another great way to “winterize” your bouquet is by selecting in-season additions, like evergreen sprigs, berries, or acorns. When deftly incorporated, these little touches help amp up the seasonal feel without screaming “winter wonderland!”

Think Monochromatic

Love tone-on-tone? Consider using white blooms in a variety of textures, as this bride did. In winter months, we’re huge fans of Queen Anne’s lace (if you look close, it looks like a cloud – or, ahem, lace!) because the seasonal bloom can add a delicate texture to any style bouquet.

Go for Greenery

We associate evergreens with winter for a reason. Take a cue from the season and do your own take on greenery by incorporating other seasonal blooms, such as protea, in a greenery-filled base. This bride did just that, carrying a dramatic bouquet of king protea, Queen Anne’s lace, and lots of textured greenery.

Consider Unique Textures

Because flowers are limited this time of year, use texture to your advantage. Case in point: This bouquet of blooming Pieris, dusty millers, spray roses, and seeded eucalyptus.

Think Organically

We know we’ve already mentioned adding texture and using seasonal blooms, but take this photo as proof that a wild, garden-like mix (of antique and Koko Loko garden roses, anemones, nandina, and greenery) can feel just right this time of year.

Add Pops Of Purple

After a wintery garden vision? Try mixing white, ivory, and violet blooms such as clematis, sweet peas, hellebore, and O’Hara garden roses.

Mix In Dark Accents

Winter brings darker color palettes in nature and fashion, so do the same with your floral design. We’re all for this organic bouquet of anemones (with dark centers!), scabiosa, and greenery.

Add Amaranthus

If it’s not quite frosty outside, consider accenting your bouquet with amaranth blooms. This flower comes in late-harvest shades (think deep burgundy, as shown here), meaning it can add a wintry touch to any blush or ivory bouquet.

Think Simply

Sometimes, less really is more. We love the look of a single stem against a jewel tone or rich fabric like velvet.

Add Berries

Naturally, berries also make an appearance this time of year. Use the fruit to add an unexpected touch to your look, as this bride did with her bouquet of mauve berries, roses, ranunculus, and cosmos.

Embrace Red

With evergreens, berries, and textures, this bouquet hits on every winter floral trend we’ve mentioned. But, to take yours to the next level, consider embracing the season’s most famous color: red!

Be Bold

In our minds, all reds were created equal so don’t be afraid to experiment with deep-hued tones like burgundy, crimson, maroon, and plum.

Consider Eucalyptus

For another texture moment, don’t forget our go-to evergreen: eucalyptus!

Keep It Classic

While we know all-white bouquets fit with every season, there’s something especially appealing about a classic bouquet this time of year. Make yours unique by embracing the flower’s stems (keep the leaves on!!) and adding delicate clematis and Japanese andromeda, as shown here.

Consider Pops Of Peach

Peach may be the most unexpected color in this round-up, but that doesn’t mean we love it any less. Just look at how it pops with seasonal shades of red, green, and purple!

Finish It Off!

Just as you would wrap a holiday gift, finish off your bouquet with a special touch. Because no winter wedding bouquet is complete without a wrapped ribbon or bow on the stem, right?!

originally posted on by Hannah Baker and Anna Price Olson