Unique Photo Booth Ideas To Capture Your Beautiful Wedding Memories

Unique Photo Booth Ideas To Capture Your Beautiful Wedding Memories

Wedding photo booths are part and parcel of a great atmosphere. They help to create stunning images in an effortless way. They are even fun and interesting ways to record the guests and their wishes to the happy couple. And they break the ice and provide many laughs throughout the day.

While you are photographing the atmosphere and the essential shots that make up the wedding album, guests are free to let themselves go wild in front of the photo booth. This will lead to some fun, unique moments your clients will definitely appreciate.

What is a Photo Booth?
This also allows people to take images of themselves, looking their best, with minimal or no effort at all. It saves you time photographing all the guests and trying to think of a million creative ways to capture people candidly. Wedding photo booths can even be tailor-made to fit any location and any theme.

Here, some unique wedding photo booth ideas to ensure the wedding you are photographing is a hit with all those beautiful memories captured.

Classic Photobooth

Nothing works better than a classic photo booth. Everyone knows what they are and how they work. This photo booth idea is clear and compact, keeping everything together. Having it at the reception allows everyone to use it at their leisure.

Trust us, there will always be a few people hogging the machine.

Curtain Photobooth

Having a simple photo booth with just a curtain gives privacy to those who need it. Not everyone at a wedding would prefer to photograph themselves in front of a growing crowd.

The curtain theme can match the wedding, and the photo booth can be a simple design.

Hanging Props From Trees

Instead of having a dedicated photo booth that you can’t move, use a tree and props instead. This allows many possibilities for backgrounds and frames, allowing people to use them one-after-another, or simultaneously.

The props can be handmade or chosen to fit the wedding theme, which makes it a little more personal.

Stand-Up Board

Everyone loves a stand-up board. They are a fun way to make the family laugh and capture unforgettable moments. The stand-up board can have any design you wish, with as many face-holes as you want, in the same theme of the wedding. As long as you make it yourself, that is.

You can also make more than one and dot them around the reception.

Faux Framed Wall

A faux framed wall is a great way to provide a backdrop for wedding photo booth images. The wall is open to interpretation, so you can design and make it as you wish. The best idea would be to make it along the same theme as the wedding.

Chairs and a table can make it seem like a room, adding a humorous element to the images. Even better with wall framed holes for others to stick their head through.

Polaroid Frame

Everyone loves Polaroid photographs, and the white border is synonymous with instant prints. This is a very portable idea, allowing the guests to photograph each other in different places.

The best thing about this is you can design the text for under the image, using the names and date for the wedding. It is the small details that really make a wedding photo booth work.

Speech Bubbles

Props are a great way to add a little humor to the wedding photo booth images. Things like speech bubbles can provide words to a still image, and the best thing is, you can make them say what you want.

Having a few different designs allows the guests to choose what they prefer. Having blank cards cut into the shape of speech bubbles means the guests can write personal messages.

Themed Photo Booth Scenery

Some weddings are going to be simple and minimalistic, others will be themed up to the nines. A themed wedding photo booth can complement the wedding.

You can choose a room inside the venue to dress as you wish, or even use a small space outside. If your theme is the 50s, then a Cadillac would work perfectly as a prop.


A chalkboard is a very simple and cheap way to create a backdrop for a wedding photo booth. The design can be as interesting or as minimal as you prefer. The chalkboard adds texture, and works great as a theme for a marriage between teachers, for example.

Guests can write their own text, as long as you provide them with a damp cloth and chalk pieces.

Retro Van Photobooth

If someone you know has access to a retro van, you can easily turn it into a wedding photo booth for the day. You can dress it up, and park it wherever you need to. The camera can go in the passenger seat, while the small couch inside provides the guests with seating.

This is a perfect idea for bad weather weddings or one that doesn’t have a particularly interesting area to photograph in. The best thing is, you have your own ride to and from the wedding, providing you with a safe place for all your gear.

iPad/Tablet Selfie Station

Each wedding is different, so they will demand different designs, equipment, and attention. The wedding photo booth you choose doesn’t need to be expensive, nor over the top glamorous. An iPad on a tripod is enough to capture hundreds of guests.

What you are looking for is an iPad or tablet, with a large ring-light encircling it. With the iPad facing the users, they are free to pose and frame themselves correctly. The ring-light will be enough to highlight the subjects without becoming overexposed.

Instant Camera & Guest Book

The simplest, yet one of the most popular ideas is to have an instant camera with plenty of films. This camera will fly around, from person to person, who can take photographs of themselves or the party as they wish.

The instant film provides a blank space where a written message can sit. These images stay in a photo album, which allows more writing and possible themed designs.

Aerial Shots

One interesting, yet, a new idea is to use our modern technology for good use. A drone can (with a special operator) hover above the ground, taking images of posing guests. The best thing about drone wedding photography is the change in perspective.

You can dress up the ground as much or as little as you want. People can even play around with the perspective, as lying down can make them look like they are standing up.

Wedding Hashtag

One way to create a wedding non-photo booth is to utilize the modern social media outlet that is Instagram. If you set up a specific hashtag that people can use, they will attach it to your images. These will appear on Instagram, where everyone can view the images of the day in progress, in real-time.

With this, you can easily set up a laptop connection, showing the guests a slideshow of the images as they are taken.

Instax Share SP-2 Printer

One idea that works well as a wedding photo booth is having no photo booth at all. Stay with me.

The idea is that the guests use their cell phones to snap away (who doesn’t have a phone) and then print the images as they see fit. This is a great way to get people talking, snapping and having fun. The shared printer allows wireless printing, so the guests can print as they see fit.

This has the potential for the widest range of images, as the style and perspective of each photograph will be different.

originally posted on expertphotography.com by Craig Hull