Light In Still Life Photography | A Talk By Alex Koloskov

Light In Still Life Photography By Alex Koloskov | Talks At Google
Light In Still Life Photography By Alex Koloskov | Talks At Google

Alex Koloskov, a professional photographer and photography professor, discusses and illustrates the appeal of still life photography. You’ll get an understanding of the specific challenges presented by studio product and still life photography, as well as the advantages that come from developing your skills as a “lighting engineer.” In addition, Alex will show how simple high-speed splash photography may be.

Speaker Biography: Alex Koloskov is a professional photographer, co-founder, and educator. Proficient in teaching on both KelbyOne and Udemy. Alex blends technical engineering knowledge with creativity and originality in his projects. When it comes to photography, he relishes the opportunity to tackle a difficult technical problem.

Alex has never taken a photography class in his life. He isn’t familiar with, or concerned with following, the norms. Instead of going with the flow, he goes against the grain. It’s proved essential to his work. It has given him the freedom to try new things, expand his horizons, question authority, and develop a distinctive photographic style that is at once bold and refined.

Alex gets his mojo from seeing the world evolve and grow. He is tenacious to a fault, refusing to settle for anything less than perfection. He will improvise or create substitutes if necessary. Alex enjoys actively participating in the world.