Travel Photography: What, When, Why And How To Take Images

Travel Photography: What, When, Why And How To Take Images
Travel Photography: What, When, Why And How To Take Images

Mixing different types of photography with travel can give us a lot of opportunities for experimenting and taking our passion to levels that could only exist, due to traveling. Many people who have started to take Photography seriously, have eventually stumbled into one huge dilemma. The eternal inquiry that is simple to ask, but pretty difficult to answer and reduces itself to defining the inner voice, or the personal style.

We as photographers start to shoot everything we find, and by experimenting and watching others’ work, we start to introduce ourselves in the styles of photography we feel keener to. These types of photography define the gear requirements you’ll need to get the minimum valuable photographs you are willing to capture, and when it comes to traveling, gear is always a huge concern due to space and backbone limitations.

Architectural Photography

Travel Photography: Architectural Photography

Traveling offers an extensive buffet of architecture that feels always unique and interesting because it represents the culture of the places we are visiting. It doesn’t matter if you are not interested in the technical stuff around architecture, being able to appreciate its beauty is part of the photographers’ sensitivity.

Study light and color while wandering ancient or modern architecture. Give deep attention to the way shadows play with the shapes and forms of the architectures, be aware of the textures around the walls. Doing this will and it will make you a better photographer as well.

Landscape Photography

Travel Photography: Landscape Photography

The best discipline of photography to cope with an exploring soul. Many landscape photographers enjoy traveling to the lonely places of the earth to get closer not just to nature, but also to themselves. Practicing landscape photography at any level from amateur to professional is an amazing compliment of traveling, in fact, many travels happen due to landscapes watching, seeing and even discovering.

Street Photography

Travel Photography: Street Photography

Just as Landscape, street photography and traveling is almost a match made in heaven. Wandering the foreign streets is always a pleasure of traveling, and having a camera always with you for capturing the meaningful unseen stories of the streets, is the best traveling experience I can offer to anybody. Just remember to always keep yourselves inconspicuous and respectful when traveling to different cultures from your own.

Aerial Photography

Travel Photography: Aerial Photography

No other points of view beets what aerial tools can offer. Airplane, helicopter, hot air balloon or even drone; getting a view from above is always an amazing way of doing achieving such images. When traveling try to look for tourist packages that are off the menu and offer this fantastic way of sightseeing from above.


Travel Photography: Astrophotography

Astrophotography is done best when the skies are light pollution and clouds free. Thanks to our extensive urbanizations, getting light free ambiances is getting more and more complex as time goes by. Explore deserts and arctic venues for capturing the skies in the most breathtaking ways possible.

Documentary Photography

Travel Photography: Documentary Photography

Traveling to different cultures is definitely a great way to do short term or almost flash projects. Stick to a concept or a statement, and go for it. We are curious creatures the human beings, and we tend to do things differently from others. Try documenting specific things of society with photo essays or narrative photography.

Food As The Reflection Of Different Cultures

Travel Photography: Food As The Reflection Of Different Cultures

Cultures express themselves through dishes and recipes. Such culinary artifacts are in most cases treasured like gold. Explore different cultures through their food, and document the colors, and the sizzling vibe surrounding it. Many cultures bloom with pride about their street local foods, capture those flavors, capture that national pride.

Sports Photography

Travel Photography: Sports Photography

Stadiums and other sports-related arenas often attract tourists. Many matches celebrate at global scales, inviting people to travel in order to get closer to them. Capturing decent images will require zoom lenses or telephoto, so this is something to consider when packing your bag.

Wildlife Photography

Travel Photography: Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is the perfect type of photography for those interested in documenting wildlife in its natural habitat. It is considered as a very demanding style of imagery, and there are some things that you need to consider besides your passport. First, you’ll need a lot of patience, so having plenty of time on your trip is crucial.

Wildlife photography suggests to always keep distance to interfere the least possible with the habitats, and also for your own safety when capturing images of big wild animals. From safaris to natural reservations, gearwise, it is very useful to have a capable zoom or telephoto lens. Now, you’ll have to keep this fact in mind when packing your gear, because putting good thinking in which gear to take and which one to leave, will be the key asset for your trip.

Defining a style can be difficult, and in many cases, we as authors or photographers are not the ones entitled to define it but our audience. Not everything is empowered to the viewers in terms of defining a style of photography. We as photographers are responsible for some of the percentage of its scope. At our hands lays the responsibility of choosing the roads to endure in order to perfect that inner voice and creative style.

“a great tip for any traveling photographer, invest in a lightweight tripod.”


It all reduces to the fact that photography style goes hand in hand with defining a personal style or the inner voice. But, choosing one type of photography or various ones is not something you’ll be married to for the rest of your lives; you have the right to change your mind with time. It will only be part of your photographic history, and it must be ruled by the passion you feel.

Don’t feel guilty for appreciating other styles that exceed your scope. It is a huge mistake to get distant from other types of photography just because you are not capable of creating, or are not even interested in making. Keep this concept in mind always; appreciation is crucial for growing as photographers.

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