Wedding Photography Props Idea To Improve Wedding Photography

To make your wedding photos look amazing, you can use creative wedding photography props. Most of these ideas are budget-friendly and can help you make even a simple wedding location look gorgeous!

Create Beautiful Bokeh With Fairy Lights

For this to work effectively, you should use a large aperture like f/1.8 or f/1.4. This aperture will blur out the fairy lights and create soft bokeh.

Stretch out the fairy lights horizontally. Make sure they’re as close to your lens as possible. If they’re close to the couple, they’ll be in focus. The closer they are to your lens, the larger the bokeh will be. Fairy lights are a great way to create dreamy photos and to frame simple wedding portraits.

Decorate A Doorway To Create An Eye-Catching Background

Hang flowers next to a door. You can follow the example below to create aesthetically pleasing symmetry.

You can make your wedding photography props more personal by hanging words on the door. (They can be made of paper.) They can be a quote, the couple’s initials, or a cute doodle.

Decorate A Ladder With Flowers And Signs To Make A Stylish Backdrop

For this, all you need is a wooden ladder. (A metal one won’t look very appealing!)

You can make it look more romantic by painting it white or pink. Decorate the ladder with fake flowers, custom signs, or even a chalkboard with a cute note written on it.

Use A Sign As A Symbol Of The Relationship

We often associate signs with roads and directions. In photography, they’re commonly used to symbolize someone’s journey. Perfect wedding photography props for a conceptual wedding photo.

All you need is a blank sign. You can write something conceptual on it, like “Forever is just around the corner” or just use a romantic quote.

Use A Bouquet To Create A Stunning Background For Close-Ups

Most wedding photographers take at least one photo of the bride and groom’s rings. Make sure you have a good macro or zoom lens so that your close-ups look as professional as possible.

To make the rings stand out, carefully place them on a bouquet. A bouquet of dark roses is perfect for moody close-ups. Avoid anything too vibrant or white, or else the rings will blend into the background.

Create A Fun Picnic Atmosphere With Flowers, Snacks, And Cake

If you have time for a pre-wedding photoshoot, create a stylish picnic setting. This is a fun way to make your wedding photos stand out from the rest by utilizing wedding photography props. All you need is a blanket, a picnic basket, and a few wedding-related treats.

The couple can enjoy their time outdoors without having to worry about guests or wedding schedules. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to take candid photos.

Decorate A Chair To Create A Stylish Wedding Photo Studio

On their own, chairs may not look that interesting. You can instantly enhance them by covering them in flowers and cute quotes.

You can also write the couple’s names on the back of the chairs. All the couple has to do is sit on the chairs and pose for you!

Take Atmospheric Wedding Photos With The Help Of Hanging Lightbulbs

Hanging lightbulbs are a common sight in bohemian weddings. These simple wedding photography props can instantly enhance any atmosphere, especially in the dark.

Because of their warmth and brightness, lightbulbs will work perfectly in any location. Try using them during the couple’s first dance!

Take Photos Of The Couple In Front Of A Colourful Flower Wall

Some of the most extravagant wedding parties have flower walls. You can make a cheap version of your own with a large board, hot glue, and fake flowers.

The wall doesn’t have to resemble a real wall. It just needs to be big enough to serve as a background for two people.

Use A Large Torch To Create Romantic Nighttime Silhouettes

This wedding prop won’t be visible in your shots, but it will make significantly enhance your photos. You can use it in the dark to take romantic silhouette photos of the couple.

All you have to do is place a large source of light behind the couple. The couple has to stand in front of it and cover it completely. The light source can be a large torch or any other artificial light you can find. Make sure there aren’t any other lights around, so your silhouette looks as dark as possible.

Use Sparklers To Add A Boost Of Warmth To Your Nighttime Photos

Sparklers are cheap and safe to use wedding props. You can ask a few of the guests to hold out their sparklers as the couple walk or dance.

The couple can also hold their sparklers close to your lens (but not too close!) as you focus on them. This will create vibrant and warm bokeh, which is perfect for nighttime photoshoots.

Turn Wedding-Themed Balloons Into Fun Wedding Props

Wedding-themed balloons are some of the best creative wedding photography props. Some balloons have simple quotes on them, while others are more intricate. Some balloons are transparent and have mini balloons floating inside of them.

There’s a lot you can do with even a small group of balloons. You can have your models pose next to them. You can also turn them into a beautiful balloon wall where guests can take cool wedding photos.

Create A Romantic Path Using Flowers And Candles

If you have time for an elaborate wedding photoshoot, rent a large studio where you can create a romantic atmosphere.

Make sure there are lots of windows in the studio, so your portraits look as professional as possible. This is great for more intimate photoshoots where there are no guests.

You’ll need a couch or something else the couple can sit on. You’ll also need a few candles, fairy lights, and petals. You can include other accessories and decorations to make the location look homier.

Make sure you shoot from a low angle so you can capture both the couple and the details around them.

Create Dreamy Foregrounds With The Bride’s Veil

Veils are the perfect foreground props for dreamy wedding photography.

Ask someone to stretch the bride’s veil towards your camera. It can cover your entire camera lens or only a part of it.

Use a large aperture (e.g. f/2.5) and focus on the couple. This will blur out the veil that’s close to the camera lens and create a hazy effect.

Photograph The Bride In A Tiara To Create Luxurious Wedding Portraits

In some cultures, wearing a crown to a wedding is customary. If this isn’t something the couple is already doing, why not introduce it to them?

A tiara can enhance a bride’s wedding dress. It can also make your photos look more extravagant. The crown itself doesn’t have to be extremely expensive.

Take A More Natural Approach By Making Your Own Bohemian Flower Crown

If the wedding has a rustic or bohemian theme, you can make your own flower crowns for the bride and her bridesmaids. All you need is wire, fake flowers, and scissors.

Create a large circular headband using wire. Cut the stems of the fake flowers and wrap them around the headband using small pieces of wire. And you’re done!

Create a Romantic and Colourful Atmosphere Using Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs come in a variety of colours and are perfect for cosy outdoor photoshoots. Make sure you use them in a safe outdoor space.

The bride and groom can hold the smoke bombs as you take photos. If you want to create a more surreal effect, you can ask an assistant to hold them instead.

Create A DIY Wooden Arch To Pose With Friends And Family

A wooden arch is a perfect prop for beautiful wedding photos. This will take a little more work than most of the photography props on this list, but it will be worth it if you’re looking for the perfect photo frame!

You’ll need pieces of wood, a drill, a saw, a staple gun, fake flowers, and a long piece of white fabric.

Take Photos Next To A Boat To Create A Surreal Effect

Beaches are great locations for dreamy wedding photography. If there’s one next to the wedding venue, consider taking photos next to a boat.

The couple can pose in the water next to the boat. For something less messy, you can simply include the boat in the background as the models pose on the beach.

Add A Touch Of Nostalgia To Your Wedding Photos With A Vintage Car

Cars are versatile photography props. You can photograph the bride and groom inside, outside of, or even on top of the car. You can shoot through the car windows to create ethereal reflections.

You can use any car you like, but I recommend renting a vintage one for a day. Vintage vehicles are photogenic, cute, and perfect for any kind of wedding photography theme!

Turn A Regular Swing Into A Floral Masterpiece Using Fake Flowers

If there’s a swing at the wedding venue, decorate it with fake flowers. You can attach them to both sides of the swing by using pieces of wire.

Wedding guests can take creative selfies on the swing. You can also turn it into a mini wedding photo booth where guests can sit and pose with party masks or other photography props.

Wedding photography props can turn simple locations into creative photo studios. You don’t need a lot of money to make your clients’ photos look unique. Sometimes, all you need is a little imagination and very simple photography props.

originally posted on by Taya Ivanova